About myself

Exploring the world of word​

Hi, I am Ayuko Nishida, a freelance translator of English to Japanese and French to Japanese.
My translation experience includes the field of art, design, history, sports, automobile, music, technology, biology, etc.
A great privilege in translating is to accompany the original content with its passion.
Conveying a message in another language is not a mere transfer of content. It is an art of bringing the content to life.
Throughout each work of translation, I discover a new depth of language. The translation motivates me to explore the greater possibility of communication. To push this idea even further, I launched this website.
My goal is to deliver your message and passion instead of just pudding words in another language.
If you think I can help you, please drop me a line.
I’m looking forward to being able to contribute to your project.

About myself

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, I spent two years growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. After high school, I entered university, majoring in French literature. I moved to France in 2009 and attended the School of Visual Arts, where I practiced photography, video, performance, and creative writing.
After graduating from art school, I served as a cultural event mediator and interpreter. 2018 I began taking English-to-Japanese visual media translation courses and completed them in 2020.
I am a big fan of wheelchair basketball. I’m looking forward to seeing the Paralympic Games in 2024 Paris!


  • BA in Humanities at International Christian University in 2005 (Japan)
  • MA in visual art at Paris-Cergy National Graduate School of Art in 2015 (France)
  • Trained as a professional visual media translator, certified in 2021(Japan)
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